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When Buying a Home Requires Help From a Property Lawyer

by Maurice Carroll

When you are planning on buying a home, you probably have not considered needing legal help. However, there are many situations where just getting help from your real estate agent isn't enough. Here are some reasons to consider getting help from a property lawyer.

They Can Perform a Title Search

While a title search isn't always done by an attorney, it is helpful when you are buying a home. The title search is done to ensure the property being sold is not only owned by the person selling the home, but that there aren't any liens or judgments on the property. This is to protect you as the homeowner from being responsible for liens after buying the property. It helps the entire home buying process go more smoothly without legal issues coming up before the final papers can be signed. Since these sometimes involve complex legal issues, it is best that you have a property lawyer do the title search and look into any potential judgments or liens for you.

They Can Help You Sign Contracts

Another thing that real estate agents can do, but are limited with, is the real estate contract. There are some contacts when buying or selling a house that are very simple and straightforward, not showing any type of hiccups. However, some situations tend to be a little more complicated and require legal assistance. Instead of finding out later on that you need help from an attorney specializing in property and real estate, it helps to have one by your side from the very beginning of the home buying process. If you get to the point where you are looking at contracts and there is an issue with evicting someone's tenant before they can sell the house, your attorney can look into those types of issues.

You May Find Structural Damage or Related Problems

What would you do if you were attempting to buy a house, then later on found out it contained asbestos? This type of thing is usually caught during a house inspection, which should be overlooked by a property lawyer. The lawyer is able to work with you and the seller of the home to ensure all structural issues are found and dealt with early on in the home buying process. They can work with the seller and ensure they get rid of traces of lead-based paint, hazardous waste, or pest problems before you buy the home. Property lawyers frequently work closely with house inspectors as well, giving you the inside track to some of the best companies that look for every potential issue with your new home.

Also, consider having a lawyer if the house you are buying is currently going through foreclosure or a short sale.