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Why opt for collaborative divorce?

by Maurice Carroll

The decision to call it quits in marriage comes after a long inner struggle. When both spouses agree that they have irreconcilable differences, they might want to consider getting a collaborative divorce rather than a contested divorce. Read on to discover why.

Understanding collaborative divorce

Essentially, a collaborative divorce involves a team methodology to marriage separation. Rather than treating every matter as a distinct fight to be won, as is the norm in a traditional contested divorce proceeding, a collaborative divorce brings to the table both spouses and a team of experts who work together amicably to arrive at an agreement that suits each party.

If you and your partner choose to opt for a collaborative divorce, you will work closely with a divorce lawyer to discuss a settlement agreement. You and your divorce lawyer will meet with your spouse plus his or her lawyer. This four-way meeting will almost certainly happen on a routine basis during the negotiations. Some of the professionals invited in to help in the negotiation process include child custody specialists, psychologists or financial accountants. The final settlement will contain all key matters pertaining to your separation, including property division, child custody, spousal support, child support as well as parenting duties.

Advantages of a collaborative divorce

1. Emotional stability

One of the reasons why a traditional divorce is quite stressful is because it involves a lot of heated court proceedings which take its toll on both spouses. It's akin to a battle between two parties who have their daggers drawn. In contrast, a collaborative divorce seeks to repair wounded emotions, and often the spouses experience emotional stability.

2. Reduced expenses

Legal fees are a constant feature in any divorce; however, collaborative divorce reduces those expenses. This is because there are no long trials, interrogations or hearings. In other words, the legal procedures are much more straightforward.

3. Quicker settlement

With both spouses working in collaboration, particularly with the assistance of a team of professionals, an agreement is arrived at a lot faster than if a protracted court battled resulted. All the experts involved have a mutual objective of getting you, your partner, and your kids through the separation with as much emotional stability and honor as possible.

In conclusion, collaborative divorce can save you money, time, and the emotional turmoil of litigation. Of great importance, it allows you and your spouse to work together to arrive at a solution that suits everyone involved.