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Steps to Follow After a Slip and Fall Accident

by Maurice Carroll

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. If you are in one, the actions you take after the accident go a long way toward protecting your personal injury claim and receiving your compensation. For this reason, the following steps should be undertaken from the time of the accident to filing an injury claim.

Report the accident

It is important to report a slip and fall accident to the owner of the premises immediately after the accident. If it occurs in a public or commercial building, report it immediately to the highest ranking person within the institution or any other senior person. Reporting is necessary, especially if nobody witnessed your fall. If you sustain severe injuries that require emergency attention, ensure that the accident is reported before the end of the day.

Take pictures of the scene

It may seem crazy to take pictures while you are sitting or lying there writhing in pain, but it will play a critical role in speeding up your settlement. If you are with someone at the time of the accident, you can ask them to take the pictures for you. Capture the scene from all angles possible. If there are any witnesses at the time, you can take down their names and contacts for your claim.

Get treatment immediately

Most insurance companies, and courts for that matter, rely on a medical report to determine the severity and extent of injury caused by a slip and fall accident. If you do not get treatment, they will assume that no substantial injuries were sustained. In case you have twisted or broken an arm or leg, let your doctor take x-rays, administer treatment, and give a detailed report of how you got hurt, the extent of pain suffered and the treatment plan. The report will come in handy when making a claim.

File a personal injury claim

If the premises in which you were injured has insurance, you can file a third-party claim against their insurance. You can do this by getting the company's insurance provider and policy number. However, sometimes insurance claims stall or settlement negotiations break down. In such a case, you can involve your lawyer or file a lawsuit against the company. In fact, you should get your lawyer involved from the time of the accident as they will take care of all the requisites to getting you compensated.

Slip and fall accidents can cost you a lot of money for medical treatment and checkup. By following these steps, you can be able to make a successful claim and get compensated for injuries and any associated costs.