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Do I Need an Attorney If You Intend on Pleading Guilty?

by Maurice Carroll

Criminal law attorneys don't come cheap—there is no dispute about that. Therefore, why hire an attorney if you intend to plead guilty to the charges filed against you? Well, here are four reasons why hiring a criminal law attorney is still important.

Examine your case

Is it necessary that you plead guilty? A lawyer can examine the evidence in your criminal case, and determine if you have any concrete defenses. For instance, assume you're apprehended without probable cause. As such, any evidence discovered during the apprehension can be suppressed. Consider a DUI by way of example. If the law enforcement officer didn't witness you behind the wheels, in some instances, you can be able to have the DUI case dismissed. Even if the case isn't thrown out, your attorney is able to strengthen your negotiating position by contesting the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Negotiate a favourable plea deal

The prosecution team offer you one month in detention for your first drink and drive charge. Is this a fair deal? Maybe not. You may get as little as a week in prison for your first drink and drive offense, and a lawyer would know that. Additionally, you also don't want to agree to take the first proposal the prosecutor presents to you. A criminal law attorney is able to leverage likely violations perpetrated by the law enforcement authorities during your apprehension or evidence strengthening your position to bargain for a shorter plea deal.

Request for a diversion program

Chances are that you hardly have knowledge concerning diversion programs. Well, a criminal lawyer does. Based on the circumstances of your apprehension and purported crime, you can be entitled to a diversion program. Diversion typically allows a suspect to avoid being sentenced for an offense if they meet specific conditions, including taking classes, participating in community service, and agree to probation for a specific duration. By satisfying those conditions, the charges against you can be thrown out altogether. A lawyer can ascertain whether or not you qualify for a diversion program and discuss a fair diversion agreement with the judge or prosecutor.

Know about the aftermaths of your plea

Guilty pleas don't only land people in prison. Are you aware that a guilty plea may affect your immigration status? If you are not a citizen, guilty pleas or convictions for specific crimes may cause to be deported. A criminal law attorney will advise you on all the potential aftermaths of our guilty plea.