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Why You Need Conveyancers When Selling Property

by Maurice Carroll

As a property seller, you require the services of a conveyancer when selling your property. The professional will handle the legalities of selling your home and ensure you sell the property at the highest possible price. Below is an extract discussing the reasons why you should hire a conveyancer while selling your home. 

The Conveyancer Can Help Increase The Value Of Your Land

Before listing the property for sale, the conveyancer will inspect it to determine whether it requires repairs and improvements. The secret to selling your home within a short period and at the highest possible time is ensuring it does not have defects that could repulse buyers. As such, the conveyancer could advise you to repair leaking drains and roofs, improve your landscape, repaint your house or fix broken tiles. 

The Conveyancer Will Help You Determine A Suitable Asking Price

Most buyers do not have criteria to determine the value of their property. Therefore, they end up overquoting or underquoting the property. If you underquote the property, you will lose some of the equity. On the other hand, buyers could avoid an overpriced property. Typically, your conveyancer will appraise the property to determine its actual market value. Ideally, the asking price should be such that you will make a decent profit. 

The Conveyancer Will Prepare Your Property For Sale

Most buyers will be accompanied by their conveyancers when viewing the property. Therefore, they are likely to ask legal questions that you may not have the answers to. To avoid such scenarios, the conveyancer will conduct thorough background research on the legal aspects of the property. For example, they will assess zoning regulations, strata by-laws, the previous use of the property, the property dimensions, the presence of easements and the availability of certifier certificates. This information will help reduce the probability of buyers negotiating the asking price since the property does not meet the required standards. 

The Conveyancer Will Handle Negotiations

A challenge experienced by individual sellers is that they have to negotiate with the buyer's conveyancer. This significantly reduces their negotiating power since the buyer's conveyancer will have a wide range of reasons why you should sell the property at a lower price. Other than the purchase price, the conveyancer will ensure that the terms of sale are in your favour. For example, they will ensure that the closing date is a short window. It allows you to consider other buyers if the primary buyer breaches the contract of sale. 

As observed, the conveyancer plays a critical role when selling your property. Always work with an experienced, licenced and reputable professional. Contact a conveyancing service for more information.