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Electronic Conveyancing - Should You Trust it?

by Maurice Carroll

Electronic conveyancing (e-conveyancing) has been the buzzword in the Australian property industry for the past several years. Many consumers are still unaware of its benefits and the risks involved in such a transaction. One of the key concerns of potential buyers is the safety issue: Is electronic conveyancing safe? What do you need to know as you clarify some of the misconceptions around this topic?

Understanding the Concept

Firstly, it is essential to understand what electronic conveyancing entails. E-conveyancing is a method of transferring property ownership online. The process includes lodging documents and conducting financial settlements through a secure online platform.

The government-backed PEXA platform regulates the process. All parties to the transaction must have registered with PEXA, and the platform uses digital signatures and strong encryption to ensure the process is secure. Users go through identity verification before they are given access to the platform. This verification includes document verification, and face-to-face interviews, thus proving it to be a safe and secure process.

How E-Conveyancing Streamlines the Process

Secondly, the electronic method can speed up the settlement process for properties. No longer do the parties need to attend settlement to exchange paperwork and cheques, which saves time and may also reduce the chance of human error. It can also make the whole property transaction process more efficient, leading to a reduction in fees and surcharges. Users can have full confidence in the PEXA platform as it is backed by the State Government and financial institutions, giving peace of mind to the property sellers and buyers in the safest process.

Helping to Avoid Risk and Lower Costs

As electronic methods of conveyancing grow in popularity, the government has created legislation to protect consumers by minimising the opportunity for fraudulent behaviours and reducing errors made during the process. Such legislation is boosting the platform's security and safety by creating obligations and regulatory processes which give confidence to consumers.

What You Should Know

In conclusion, electronic conveyancing may once have been an unfamiliar concept in this country, but it is now established as a safe and secure process. The Australian property industry is becoming increasingly digitalised, and this allows transactions to be more efficient, reducing risk and creating transparency between the parties. PEXA assures security and safety for this whole process for the users' peace of mind, backed by the regulatory system. So, you can go ahead with your next property transaction by reaching out to a conveyancing professional and asking them for more information about the electronic process.