Achieving the Best Possible Outcomes in Legal Cases

  • 3 Items To Include In Your Will

    30 August 2022

    A will dictates the rules for handling the affairs of a deceased person. Therefore, the law recognises your will and cannot disapprove its execution. However, you may miss out on valuable details that may affect the distribution of your assets or cause losses. This piece discusses several items in wills that people constantly forget. Second Beneficiaries Most people forget to name a second beneficiary in their wills. A second beneficiary is a contingent individual who receives your estate in case the first beneficiary is unavailable.

  • A Guide On Conveyancing Disclosures

    23 June 2022

    Conveyancers are best suited to protect your interests as you purchase a property. Most people trust their conveyancing with the nitty-gritty of the exchange. As such, they don't bother to inquire about the due diligence or negotiation process. Below is an extract detailing some of the disclosures your conveyancer should make as you purchase a property. Ideally, they should help you grasp the conveyancing process.  The Property Pricing  Is the property reasonably priced?

  • Need Legal Documents Served? 3 Reasons To Work With A Process Server

    25 February 2022

    If you're in the middle of legal action and you need to serve documents on the other party, don't try to handle the process on your own. Instead, hire a legal process server. You might think that serving legal documents on someone is an easy process, but that's not necessarily the case. In fact, you can put yourself at risk for a variety of problems when you try to handle the process on your own.